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 Our company has been working in the automotive industry for 12 years. This has given us the opportunity to learn many production systems. But after learning lean manufacturing, we were intrigued and knew we had to make it work for us… So we did...

But how? Our company doesn’t produce or assemble anything, we provide a service…

So how could manufacturing principles apply to what we do?

Through many years of trial and error –and lots of success- we’ve discovered that a visual workplace can be implemented ANYWHERE!

Let us help you implement visual workplace in your company.


QCS provides several options for visual workplace consulting.

Red Package: A one or two day visit to assess your companies visual competence and give you ideas for improvement.

Yellow Package: A two or three day visit, consultation, ideas, and planning.

Blue Package: A three day visit, consultation, ideas, planning, and creation.

Green Package: Two, Three day visits, consultation, ideas, planning, creation, and implementation.


Additional Add-On's

Visual Workplace Class/Training: Teach the principles of Lean Manufacturing and Visual Workplace

Post Implementation Follow-Up Visits: These visits are designed to make sure all created standards are being followed and assist in finding new ways to implement lean

For more information on visual workplace consulting and prices please contact Laycee Secrist (801) 395-4732 or

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