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About Us

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.”

-Steve Jobs

Discover The Difference of the Q.C.S. Team!

Quality Control Specialists was founded in March 2001 in Farr West, Utah, by Kirk Secrist and is currently operated by Kirk and all of his children.
Q.C.S. evolved from its sister company Workforce Staffing Service. Kirk found that many of the Workforce Staffing customers expressed a need for a quality inspection company.
In 2004 Kirk began to explore the quality-inspection market, and Quality Control Specialists was born.

Q.C.S. has a continuous quest for continuous improvement. All of our employees have the greatest ideas for improvements in our processes. We are continually taking our employees’ feedback to improve how we do things.

Q.C.S. is a standards-driven company. Our professionals never compromise the written standard of quality your company sets. We strongly believe in providing full disclosure and sorting reports to all parties involved. This commitment is what makes us a valid third party validation company.

Q.C.S. practices the Thinking People System or T.P.S. We provide weekly training to our associates and rigorous supervisor trainings to keep our employees sharp and adept.
By practicing T.P.S., we have become experts in 5S and Visual Workplace Standards.
Our employee screening and training services are incomparable to those of our competitors.
We also have a state of the art database for inspection data that allows our customers unparalleled access to inspections as they are happening in real-time. We value consistent and open communication with our customers to provide them with the best experience possible.

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